DIY BrewPi WikiEdit

Welcome to the DIY BrewPi wiki. This wiki is an attempt to help make finding information about making a DIY BrewPi easier. As our thread has grown so massive it can be hard to find all the little gems that people have posted to further modify the BrewPi with bluetooth, external webpages, LCD circuits, etc.

Table of ContentsEdit

From here you should be able to find links on how to build the DIY BrewPi as documented in the thread as well as additional pages for new features.

  1. Main BrewPi Build
    1. Introduction
    2. Parts List
    3. Schematics
    4. Setting Up Your RPI or PC/VirtualBoxi
  2. Additional Optional Features
    1. Multiple Chamber Control
    2. BrewPi Shield

Latest Wiki ActivityEdit

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